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Ashley Madison leak was an inside job?

Lone Avid Life Media employee responsible for stolen database?

A massive leak of customer data from the notorious adultery-based dating site Ashley Madison has sent shockwaves across the internet since mid July, with the identities of all its philandering users revealed for the world to see. Though originally blamed on hackers, it’s now been revealed that the leak was likely the work of a lone employee – possibly a female – working from within and exposing a massive vulnerability in the site’s security — at least if you believe security pioneer John McAfee. The manifesto that was posted with the stolen data is the basis for McAfee’s conclusion, stating that he’s “practiced social engineering since the word was first invented” and that he can “very quickly identify gender if given enough emotionally charged words from an individual.” McAfee also stated that “from the data that was released, it was clear that the perpetrator had intimate knowledge of the technology stack of the company,” further stating that “hackers rarely have full knowledge of the technology stack of a target.” 

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