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To Create is to Destroy

An Adaptation of Wreck This Journa! by Keri Smith

During the process of this book you will get dirty. You may find yourself covered in paint, or any other number of foreign substances. You will get wet. You may be asked to do things you question. You may grieve for the perfect state that you found the book in. You may begin to see creative destruction everywhere. You may begin to live more recklessly.

1. Write Your Name
   a. In white
   b. Illegibly
   c. Tiny letters
   d. Backwards
   e. Faintly
   f. Large letters
2. Address
3. Phone number
4. Reward
5. Crack the spine
6. Add your own page numbers
7. Stand on a page, wipe your feet, jump up and down
8. Pour, spill, drip, spit, fling your coffee
9. Draw a picture using your favorite Design Prinicple
10. Who I am: draw, collage, paint images to describe yourself
11. Poke holes in a page using your pen
12. These are my top 3 goals for this year
13. Draw fat lines and thin, pushing really hard with the pen
14. Reserve a page for handprints or fingerprints, get them dirty then press down
15. Color an entire page
16. Make a list of Why Nots? ex: Why not learn spanish, travel, etc
17. Throw something at the page, a pencil, a ball dipped in paint
18. Press leaves and other found things
19. Scratch the page using a sharp object
20. Crush and wrinkle the paper without taking it out of the book and paint using water colors. Let the paint settle in the wrinkles
21. Draw a picture with repetition
22. Do some rubbings with a pencil
23. Make a list of ways to relax
24. Scribble wildly, violently, with reckless abandon
25. Tear strips out and put back together
26. Glue, staple, or tape pages together
27. Draw lines while in motion, on the bus, in a car, or while walking
28. Fill a page with circles
29. Document your dinner. Rub smear, splatter your food
30. Chew on a page
31. Draw a picture with movement
32. Make a list of "I am a risk taker because..."
33. Tounge painting: eat some colorful candy, lick the page
34. Write one word, over and over and over and over
35. Tie a string to the spine of the book. Swing wildly, let it hit the walls
36. Do a really ugly drawing (use ugly subject matter: gum, poo, dead things, a badly drawn bird, mold, barf, crud
37. Draw 10 images, each image only having 4 lines
38. Reserve a page for sticky things (honey, gum, syrup, glue, lolly pop, marshmallow)
39. Pretend you are doodling on the back of an envelope while talking on the phone
40. I am way too careful in these areas:
41. Collect stickers you find on fruit
42. Cover a page using only office supplies
43. Draw a symmetrical picture
44. Cover an entire page with pencil, use an eraser as your drawing tool
45. Stand in the rain with the book
46. Draw a picture of your top three interests
47. Rub a page with dirt
48. Drip something on a page (ink, paint, tea) close it to make a print
49. Reserve a TEST Page for pens, paints, markers and ad supplies SO. Sew a page
51. Glue a random page from a newspaper
52. Grocery list page
53. Draw 20 things that cause bad breath
54. Collect stamps off your mail
55. Trace things in your bag or pockets, let the lines overlap
56. Cover a page with red things
57. Cover a page with yellow things
58. Scribble wildly using only borrowed gens. Document where they were borrowed from
59. Make a mess, clean it up
60. Fold down the corners of your favorite pages
61. Page of good thoughts
62. Make prints using an ink pad and cut vegetables
63. Glue random items on a page (things you find in the couch, on the street, in your backpack)
64. Cut through several layers
65. Close your eyes and draw a picture
66. Give your book to a friend, let them draw a full page sketch
67. Collect your pocket lint, glue and label
68. Trace your hand
69. Draw with glue
70. Document a boring event in detall
71. Create a drawing using a piece (or several pieces) of hair
72. Take a nap with your book, use it as a pillow. Record any dreams
73. Glue a photo of yourself you dislike, then deface
74. Cover a page with blue things
75. Draw using abnormal writing utensils dipped in ink or paint (sticks, spoons, twist ties, comb)
76. Fill a page when you are angry
77. Write or draw with your left hand
78. Create a nonstop line
79. Reserve a page for positive comments
80. Reserve a page for negative comments
81. Draw a radial symmetric drawing
82. Tear out a page, throw it out, accept the loss
83. Reserve a page for 4 letter words
84. Glue in a page from a magazine, circle the words you like
85. Write with the pen in your mouth
86. Give away your favorita page
87. .cdrawkcab etirW
88. Document time passing
89. Hide a secret message somewhere in the book
90. Close the book, write/scribble on the edge of the pages
91. Tape the book closed. Mail it to yourself
92. Draw a pattern with squares
93. Write a note to a teacher ín your book. Draw a picture. Tear it out and give it to the teacher if it is a nice note
94. Paint the outside of the book. Scrape it off
95. Create a geometric composition with water colors and string
96. Cover a page with duct tape
97. Pass your book around class. Let them draw on a designated page
98. Cut holes in a single page with an xacto knife. Using the holes, manipulate the page with paint
99. Cover a page with green things
100. Think of 10 more ideas for your book

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